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Welcome to the OCL and COPL


Facial Coverings are REQUIRED for ALL SPECTATORS regardless of social distancing, etc. once on the way to the field (unless you have a medical exception).

Spectators MUST mainain social distancing (six feet of spacing) at ALL TIMES while in the park or on the field for a training session, practice, game, scrimmage, friendly or tournament.

Players must wear facial coverings while not participating on the field at all times regardless of age.

COPL/OCL COVID-19 Protocols and Procedures can be found here:  


NOTE:  Please limit game attendance at the field to immediate family members only.

Failure to abide by Facial Covering and Social Distancing Protocol can result in suspension of the individual(s)/teams  involved up to and including removal from the COPL/OCL for the remainder of the Fall 2020 Season.

The Ohio Champions League (OCL), started in 2009, is designed for youth soccer teams above the recreational level between the ages of U-07 and U-15.  This season, we are pleased to be expanding "up" to include the Central Ohio Premier League (COPL).  The COPL will include the top teams from the top clubs in the Central Ohio area.  Nearly all of these teams are professionally-coached teams.  

The COPL will offer an Elite Division for top level teams and a Premier Division for mid level teams.  The Ohio Champions League will continue to offer the Blue Division for the upper level teams, the Red Division for mid-level teams and the White Division for lower level teams.  In the Spring 2020 season, we expect to offer a full program up through U-19.

The primary mission of the OCL is to provide an enjoyable soccer environment for a wide range of players desiring to play above the basic community-based recreational program.  The OCL provides its teams, coaches, parents and players with tremendous flexibility in terms of game scheduling dates/times, opponents (including younger/older aged-teams as desired by the coaches), number of games, etc.  The league allows for in-season roster flexibility as well.  

The primary mission of the COPL is to provide a competitive local soccer environment for the upper and mid-level teams from some of the top clubs in Central Ohio that will play games in Central Ohio.  The COPL will offer teams with the opportunity to play against upper level and mid-level competition right here in Central Ohio without playing "home games" 60 miles from Columbus.  The COPL will share many of the qualities of the OCL including flexibility in scheduling, roster flexibility and a willingness to be flexible to work for the benefit for all teams. 

Teams from the OCL will be able to schedule games with COPL teams.  Players will be able to move freely between the two programs within the same club.  

In addition, the OCL and COPL will offer a joint season-ending tournaments at the end of each Fall and Spring season.

Should you have further questions about the OCL, please feel free to send us an e-mail  should you have any questions.

Thank you,
Ken and KC McMahon

Trophy Presentations Will be in Two Areas

Trophies will be presented in TWO different locations:
ALL C Fields will be presented on the C side of the park near the T-Shirt Tent.  

ALL D/E Fields will be presented just behind the White Building on the D Side of the Park.


by posted 10/25/2020
Trophy Presentations Will be in Two Areas

Trophies will be presented in TWO different locations:
ALL C Fields will be presented on the C side of the park near the T-Shirt Tent.  

ALL D/E Fields will be presented just behind the White Building on the D Side of the Park.


by posted 10/25/2020
Schedules for 3 and 5 Team Divisions...

Are under the tournament tab.  The team schedules will individually be updated to match this schedule.

by posted 10/24/2020


The City of Hilliard has received numerous complaints about people parking in businesses across from the Complex.  If you park across the street, you will be towed at your expense!

Ken and Teama

by posted 10/24/2020
Tournament Information -- PLEASE READ CLOSELY!


A number of important items:

1.  PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK YOUR SCHEDULES!  There have been several iterations of the schedule.  The FINAL SCHEDULE is on the OCL Site.  It can be reached by:

    *  Going to www.ohiochampionsleague.com

    *  Clicking on FORMS, RULES, MORE

    *  Clicking on OCL Fall 2020 League Tournament

    *  Clicking on the OCL Fall 2020 League Tournament FINAL Schedule

2.  Parking at the Complex is ALWAYS a challenge.  We have attempted to space the games in order to ensure there are a sufficient number of spaces. 

    *  Traffic is ONE WAY in (Right Side of the park) and ONE WAY out (the Left Side -- or near side when coming from I-270).  Please do not attempt to go in the other direction.  The gravel path MUST be used when going out of the park.  This is CRITICAL for traffic flow.

    *  Please note:  There is a SIGNIFICANT number of spaces on the grass available.  These spots MUST be used in order to accommodate all cars. 

    *  Teams playing on fields D1, D3, D4, and E3 should utilize the front left lot.  The entrance/exit to this area is fairly close to the front of the park on the left side. 

    *  There are also a number of spaces in the back right corner of the park.  Those playing on C4, C5 and E2 should park in the back lot. 

    *  Please do NOT BLOCK access to either of the grass parking lots.  If you do, your car will be towed.

 3.  Please observe ALL COVID-19 policies and procedures.  

    *  Wear a mask at all times when on the way to the field, at the field and on the way off of the field.  

    *  Please socially distance when not around family members.  We have attempted to put spectators on the "outside" of fields in order to provide the most space.  Parents CAN stand if they wear a mask AND socially distance.  

    *  Please wash your hands frequently.  All of our teams should have hand sanitizer available at all time.

    *  Do a symptom check BEFORE leaving your house each day.  If you are experiencing symptoms, please stay home.

    *  Those not adhering to the league's rules concerning COVID-19 will be instructed to leave the park.

4.  The Schedule and the Rules can be found under separate tabs.  In order to determine when final games are or TBD games, you need to view those schedules.s

5.  Results are tabulated by Division and can be displayed by:

    *  Going to www.ohiochampionsleague.com

    *  Clicking on TEAMS

    *  Selecting OCL Fall 2020 League Tournament

    *  The Division you are seeking

    *  Clicking on Standings

    *  NOTE:  Scores are entered with a 4-goal maximum goal differential (7-1 is entered as 5-1)

    *  NOTE:  Head-to-Head is NOT accounted for in the tie-breakers.  Therefore, FINAL STANDINGS determining who advances/wins division is determined by the tie-breakers.  Those rules can be found under the Schedule spreadsheet.

Please review your schedule to make sure you have the latest version!

Ken and Team

by posted 10/23/2020
Field Map for Hilliard Soccer Complex

Hilliard Soccer Complex Map has been uploaded (Under the OCL Tournament Tab under Forms, Rules, More.  The Soccer Park (ALL HSP-n Fields at are the Hilliard Soccer PARK, not the Complex!) Map is coming.  PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE NURSERY ACROSS THE STREET, YOU WILL BE TOWED!


by posted 10/23/2020
Need to Get Added as a Compliance Officer, Team Admin, or Coach?

Here is the form to get added (or dropped):

Ken and Team

by posted 08/26/2020
You Want to Become/Continue to Be a Referee (New Links)


I just got off the phone with the State Director of Instruction.  We worked through the issues that folks have been experiencing.  He is in the process of updating the OSSRC site.  In the meantime, here are three links to get all referees started down the right path.

ALL Referees Start Here (this will enable the referee to create a profile -- you can skip this step IF you have a USSoccer Profile):
For Recertifying Referees:
New Referee
Bottom Line:  Referees CAN still Recertify or new referees CAN CERTIFY to be eligible to referee this Fall AND in 2021 (as soon as we can play games/tournaments in Ohio).  

by posted 08/04/2020
Referee Availability Form for Fall 2020 Now Available


The COPL/OCL Fall 2020 Referee Availability Form is now available.  As you will notice, we are requesting availability much earlier into the Summer.  As soon as the State, USSoccer, and the Clubs all approve play, we will begin scheduling games.  We just hope that is sometime soon!  Here is the form:  


If interested in certifying (or recertifying if you failed to recertify this past Spring), please click here for more information:


Ken and Team



by posted 06/20/2020

In order to improve responses to ADD/DROP/MODIFY requests, please copy the following on each request:

1. ohiochampionsleague@gmail.com

2. ocl.gamechanger@gmail.com 

3. BOTH coaches 

4. The individual who assigned the field to you.  Thank you.

The following is the GAME ADD / GAME DROP / GAME MODIFY procedure, please follow this.

GAME ADD in subject line

HOME team name (FULL name)
AWAY team name (FULL name)
emails attached from BOTH TEAMS confirming this is indeed agreeable and a valid game
GAME DROP in subject line 
HOME team name (FULL name)
AWAY team name (FULL name)
emails attached from BOTH TEAMS confirming this is indeed agreeable and a valid game
GAME MODIFY in subject line
EXISTING Game info:
HOME team name (FULL name)
AWAY team name (FULL name)
NEW game info:
HOME team name (FULL name)
AWAY team name (FULL name)
emails attached from BOTH TEAMS confirming this is indeed agreeable and changes ARE valid

by posted 04/12/2016
Field Status
AN-01 (Antrim Park) - Worthington OPEN (10/29) 
AN-02 (Antrim Park) - Worthington OPEN (10/29) 
AV-01 (Avery Park) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
Bellefontaine High Schoo - Bellefontaine TBD (10/29) 
Benjmain Logan HS - Bellefontaine TBD (10/29) 
Bevelhymer Park - New Albany TBD (10/29) 
BL-01 (Bluffsview Elem.) - Worthington OPEN (10/29) 
Blast Fields - Columbus OPEN (10/29) 
Blue Jacket Park - Bellefontaine TBD (10/29) 
BP-1 (Blue Jacket Park) - Bellefontaine TBD (10/29) 
CA-04 (Casto Park) - Westerville TBD (10/29) 
CF-01 (Calvary Fields) - Bellefontaine TBD (10/29) 
CF-02 (Calvary Fields) - Bellefontaine TBD (10/29) 
CH-11 (County Home Rd.) - Marysville OPEN (10/29) 
CH-12 (County Home Rd.) - Marysville OPEN (10/29) 
CH-13 (County Home Rd.) - Marysville OPEN (10/29) 
CH-14 (County Home Rd.) - Marysville OPEN (10/29) 
CH-15 (County Home Rd.) - Marysville OPEN (10/29) 
County Home Rd Fields - Marysville OPEN (10/29) 
County Home Road - Marysville OPEN (10/29) 
CP-01 (Cooper Park) - Westerville OPEN (10/29) 
CP-01A (Cooper Park) - Westerville TBD (10/29) 
CP-01B (Cooper Park) - Westerville OPEN (10/29) 
CP-05 (Cooper Park) - Westerville OPEN (10/29) 
DA-02 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
DA-03 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
DA-04 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
DA-05 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
DA-06 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
DA-07 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
DA-08 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
DA-09 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
DA-10 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
DA-11 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
DA-12 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
DA-13 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
DA-13a (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
DA-13b (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
DA-14 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
DA-15 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
DA-16 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
DA-17 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
DA-18 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
DA-19 (Darree Fields) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
Delaware, CTP 7v7 - Delaware TBD (10/29) 
Delaware, MP 05 - Delaware TBD (10/29) 
Delaware, MP 05 - Delaware TBD (10/29) 
Dublin Dummy OPEN (10/29) 
EA-01 (Easton Field) - Easton TBD (10/29) 
EA-02 (Easton Field) - Easton TBD (10/29) 
EA-04 (Easton Field) - Easton OPEN (10/29) 
EA-08 (Easton Field) - Easton OPEN (10/29) 
EA-11 (Easton Field) - Easton OPEN (10/29) 
EA-13 (Easton Field) - Easton OPEN (10/29) 
EA-9W (Easton Field) - Easton OPEN (10/29) 
Earlington Park - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
EE-01 (Eakin Elem) - columbus OPEN (10/29) 
EE-99 (Eakin Elem) - columbus OPEN (10/29) 
FP-02 (Fancyburg Park) - Upper Arlington OPEN (10/29) 
FP-03 (Fancyburg Park) - Upper Arlington OPEN (10/29) 
Free Will Baptist Church - reynoldsburg TBD (10/29) 
Free Will Baptist Church - reynoldsburg TBD (10/29) 
GOE-11 (Glen Oak Elem) - Lewis Center OPEN (10/29) 
GRC-01 (Groveport Rec) - Groveport OPEN (10/29) 
GRC-02 (Groveport Rec) - Groveport OPEN (10/29) 
Grove City, Murfin Fiel - Grove City TBD (10/29) 
Grove City, Murfin Field - Grove City TBD (10/29) 
GV-01 (Anderson Field) - Grandview Heights OPEN (10/29) 
GV-02 (Anderson Field) - Grandview Heights OPEN (10/29) 
GV-02(Anderson (grass)) - Grandview Heights OPEN (10/29) 
HA-01 (Harvest Prep) - Canal Winchester OPEN (10/29) 
HA-05 (Hannah Park) - Gahanna OPEN (10/29) 
HB-01 (Huntley Bowl Pk) - Worthington OPEN (10/29) 
HC-01 (Hilliard Church) - Hilliard OPEN (10/29) 
HE-01 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (10/29) 
HE-02 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (10/29) 
HE-03 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (10/29) 
HE-04 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (10/29) 
HE-05 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (10/29) 
HE-06 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (10/29) 
HE-07 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (10/29) 
HE-08 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (10/29) 
HE-09 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (10/29) 
HE-10 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (10/29) 
HE-11 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (10/29) 
HE-12 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (10/29) 
HE-13 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (10/29) 
HE-14 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (10/29) 
HE-15 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (10/29) 
Headley Park Field 5 - Gahanna OPEN (10/29) 
HFP-01 (HOSA Franks Pk) - Hilliard OPEN (10/29) 
HFP-02 (HOSA Franks Pk) - Hilliard OPEN (10/29) 
Hilliard Soccer Complex - Hilliard OPEN (10/29) 
Hilliard Soccer Complex - Hilliard OPEN (10/29) 
HLP-04 (Highlands Park) - Westerville OPEN (10/29) 
HOSA Soccer Complex (D2) - Hilliard OPEN (10/29) 
HP-01 (Havener Park) - Olentangy OPEN (10/29) 
HP-02 (Havener Park) - Olentangy OPEN (10/29) 
HP-03 (Havener Park) - Olentangy OPEN (10/29) 
HP-04 (Havener Park) - Olentangy OPEN (10/29) 
HP-05 (Havener Park) - Olentangy OPEN (10/29) 
HP-06 (Havener Park) - Olentangy OPEN (10/29) 
HP-07 (Havener Park) - Olentangy OPEN (10/29) 
HP2 - Olentangy OPEN (10/29) 
HRP-11 (Hard Road Park) - Worthington OPEN (10/29) 
HSP-01 (Hill Soccer Pk) - Hilliard OPEN (10/29) 
HSP-02 (Hill Soccer Pk) - Hilliard OPEN (10/29) 
HSP-03 (Hill Soccer Pk) - Hilliard OPEN (10/29) 
Jerome HS - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
Kenney Park Fld #1 - Columbus OPEN (10/29) 
Kilbourne Run SportsPark - Westerville OPEN (10/29) 
LBP-01 (Library Park) - Powell OPEN (10/29) 
LC-01 (UA Lutheran Ch.) - Hilliard OPEN (10/29) 
LC-02 (UA Lutheran Ch.) - Hilliard OPEN (10/29) 
LI-01 (Linworth Park) - Worthington OPEN (10/29) 
Liberty Park Practice - Powell OPEN (10/29) 
London High School - London OPEN (10/29) 
LP-01 (Liberty Park) - Olentangy OPEN (10/29) 
LP-06 (Liberty Park) - Olentangy OPEN (10/29) 
LP-07 (Liberty Park) - Olentangy OPEN (10/29) 
LP-10 (Liberty Park) - Olentangy OPEN (10/29) 
LP-12 (Liberty Park) - Olentangy OPEN (10/29) 
LW-01 (Lazelle Woods Pk) - Worthington OPEN (10/29) 
LW-02 (Lazelle Woods Pk) - Worthington OPEN (10/29) 
LW-03 (Lazelle Woods Pk) - Worthington OPEN (10/29) 
MC-01 (McCorkle Park) - Gahanna OPEN (10/29) 
MC-01 (Mill Creek) - Marysville OPEN (10/29) 
MC-02 (McCorkle Park) - Gahanna OPEN (10/29) 
MC-03 (McCorkle Park) - Gahanna OPEN (10/29) 
MC-04 (McCorkle Park) - Gahanna OPEN (10/29) 
MC-1B (McCorkle Park) - Gahanna OPEN (10/29) 
McCorkle Park Lower - Gahanna OPEN (10/29) 
MD-01 (McCord Park) - Worthington OPEN (10/29) 
MD-02 (McCord Park) - Worthington OPEN (10/29) 
MF-10 (Murfin Fields) - Grove City OPEN (10/29) 
MF-2 (Murfin Fields) - Grove City OPEN (10/29) 
MF-3A (Murfin Fields) - Grove City OPEN (10/29) 
MF-3B (Murfin Fields) - Grove City OPEN (10/29) 
MF-4A (Murfin Fields) - Grove City OPEN (10/29) 
MF-4B (Murfin Fields) - Grove City OPEN (10/29) 
MF-5 (Murfin Fields) - Grove City OPEN (10/29) 
MF-6A (Murfin Fields) - Grove City TBD (10/29) 
MF-6B (Murfin Fields) - Grove City TBD (10/29) 
MF-7A (Murfin Fields) - Grove City TBD (10/29) 
Mill Valley South - Marysville OPEN (10/29) 
MP-01 (Mingo Park) - Delaware TBD (10/29) 
MP-02 (Mingo Park) - Delaware TBD (10/29) 
MP-03 (Mingo Park) - Delaware TBD (10/29) 
MP-04 (Mingo Park) - Delaware TBD (10/29) 
MP-05 (Mingo Park) - Delaware TBD (10/29) 
MP-07 (Mingo Park) - Delaware TBD (10/29) 
MP-08 (Mingo Park) - Delaware TBD (10/29) 
MP-09 (Mingo Park) - Delaware TBD (10/29) 
MP-0A (Municipal Park) - Hilliard OPEN (10/29) 
MP-10 (Mingo Park) - Delaware TBD (10/29) 
MP-11 (Mingo Park) - Delaware TBD (10/29) 
MP-12 (Mingo Park) - Delaware TBD (10/29) 
MV-01 (Mill Valley Elem) - Marysville OPEN (10/29) 
NC-01 (Northside Church) - Westerville OPEN (10/29) 
New horizon Church - Blacklick OPEN (10/29) 
NO-04 (North Orange Pk) - Olentangy OPEN (10/29) 
North Orange Park - Lewis Center OPEN (10/29) 
NORTH ROAD PARK - Lewis Center OPEN (10/29) 
OS-04 (Olde Sawmill Prk) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
OS-05 (Olde Sawmill Prk) - Dublin TBD (10/29) 
PA-02 (PASA complex) - Pickerington OPEN (10/29) 
PA-03 (PASA Complex) - Pickerington OPEN (10/29) 
PA-03 (PASA Fields) OPEN (10/29) 
PA-04 (PASA Complex) - Pickerington OPEN (10/29) 
PA-05 (PASA Complex) - Pickerington OPEN (10/29) 
PA-06 (PASA Complex) - Pickerington OPEN (10/29) 
PA-07 (PASA Complex) - Pickerington OPEN (10/29) 
PA-08 (PASA complex) - Pickerington OPEN (10/29) 
PA-09 (PASA complex) - Pickerington OPEN (10/29) 
PA-10 (PASA complex) - Pickerington OPEN (10/29) 
PA-10 (PASA Fields) OPEN (10/29) 
PA-Dummy - Pickerington OPEN (10/29) 
PASA Complex - Pickerington OPEN (10/29) 
PASA Complex Pickeringto - Pickerington OPEN (10/29) 
Paul Rider Fields - Hilliard OPEN (10/29) 
Pickerington Christian - Pickerington OPEN (10/29) 
PMS Track (Perry MS) - Worthington OPEN (10/29) 
Portman park - Canal Winchester OPEN (10/29) 
PP-01 (Perry Park) - Worthington OPEN (10/29) 
PP-02 (Perry Park) - Worthington OPEN (10/29) 
PP-03 (Perry Park) - Worthington OPEN (10/29) 
Raccoon Valley Park - Granville OPEN (10/29) 
Reynoldsburg field - Reynoldsburg OPEN (10/29) 
RF-01 (Roller Fields) - Canal Winchester OPEN (10/29) 
RF-88 (Roller Fields) - Canal Winchester TBD (10/29) 
RO-01 (Roller Fields) - Canal Winchester TBD (10/29) 
RO-99 (Roller Fields) - Canal Winchester TBD (10/29) 
Roller Field - Canal Winchester TBD (10/29) 
SBP (St. Brendan Park) - Hilliard OPEN (10/29) 
SF-00 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
SF-01 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
SF-02 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
SF-03 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
SF-04 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
SF-05 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
SF-06 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
SF-07 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
SF-08 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
SF-09 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
SF-10 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
SF-11 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
SF-12 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
SF-13 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
SF-14 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
SF-15 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
SF-A (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
SF-B (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
SF-C (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
SF-D (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
SF-E (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
SF-F (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
SF-G (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
SF-H (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
SF-I (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (10/29) 
SH-01 (Slate Hill Elem) - Worthington OPEN (10/29) 
Shelly Park - TBD - Ostrander OPEN (10/29) 
SK-01 (Smith Park) - Delaware OPEN (10/29) 
SK-03 (Smith Park) - Delaware TBD (10/29) 
SK-04 (Smith Park) - Delaware OPEN (10/29) 
SLC-01 (Soccer Learn) - Worthington OPEN (10/29) 
Smith Park - Delaware TBD (10/29) 
Smith Park (Field 5) - Delaware TBD (10/29) 
SN-02 (Snouffer Park) - Worthington OPEN (10/29) 
SN-03 (Snouffer Park) - Worthington OPEN (10/29) 
Southview Park - Bellefontaine TBD (10/29) 
SP-01 (Shelly Prk. 9v9) - Ostrander OPEN (10/29) 
SP-01 (Sutter Park Elem) - Worthington OPEN (10/29) 
SP-04 (Shelly Prk. 7v7) - Ostrander OPEN (10/29) 
SP-14 (Spindler Park) - Hilliard OPEN (10/29) 
SP-15 (Spindler Park) - Hilliard OPEN (10/29) 
Spangler Rd. Fields - Columbus OPEN (10/29) 
Spindler Park - Hilliard OPEN (10/29) 
SU-01 (Sunny 95 Park) - Upper Arlington TBD (10/29) 
SU-02 (Sunny 95 Park) - Upper Arlington TBD (10/29) 
Sycamore Creek Park - Pickerington OPEN (10/29) 
TE-01 (Tremont Elem) - Upper Arlington OPEN (10/29) 
TE-14(Tremont Elem) - Upper Arlington OPEN (10/29) 
Thompson Park - Upper Arlington OPEN (10/29) 
Thompson Park - 5 - New Albany OPEN (10/29) 
Thompson Park New Albany - Columbus OPEN (10/29) 
Thompson Park-7 - New Albany OPEN (10/29) 
Toll Gate Elem. - Pickerington OPEN (10/29) 
TP-01 (Thompson Park Ga) - Gahanna OPEN (10/29) 
TP-02 (Thompson Park Ga) - Gahanna OPEN (10/29) 
TP-02 (Thompson Pk UA) - Upper Arlington OPEN (10/29) 
TP-03 (Thompson Park Ga) - Gahanna OPEN (10/29) 
TP-04 (Thompson Park Ga) - Gahanna OPEN (10/29) 
TP-05 (Thompson Park Ga) - Gahanna OPEN (10/29) 
TP-06 (Thompson Park Ga) - Gahanna OPEN (10/29) 
TP-07 (Thompson Park Ga) - Gahanna OPEN (10/29) 
TP-08 (Thompson Park Ga) - Gahanna OPEN (10/29) 
TP-09 (Thompson Park Ga) - Gahanna OPEN (10/29) 
TP-10 (Thompson Park Ga) - Gahanna OPEN (10/29) 
UM-01 (UM Childrens Hm) - Worthington OPEN (10/29) 
VP-01 (Veterans Park) - Delaware OPEN (10/29) 
WE-Dummy - Westerville OPEN (10/29) 
WP-01 (Worthington Park) - Westerville OPEN (10/29) 
WP-02 (Worthington Park) - Westerville OPEN (10/29) 
WP-03 (Worthington Park) - Westerville OPEN (10/29) 
WRE (Wyandot Run Elemen) - Powell OPEN (10/29) 
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