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Participation Form for the OCL/COPL Tournaments
by Ken McMahon posted 9/15/2019

Coaches and Admins,

As we announced back during our July meetings, the OCL Tournament will be the weekend of October 19th/20th.  The primary COPL weekend will be October 26th/27th.  Due to the fact that some teams may have planned on playing a different weekend, we are allowing teams to play EITHER or BOTH weekends.  Teams wishing to get in some extra games can choose to play in the other tournament.  We cannot predict at this point how many teams will wish to play as a "crossover" team, but so long as we can create "fair" divisions, we will permit play on the opposite weekends.  

Here is the form we will use to generate tournament invoices.   


This form is due on MONDAY, September 23rd.  We will be providing the conflicts form once we determine who will be playing.

Ken and Team



Microsoft Excel file COPL/OCL Fall 2019 Latest Team Listing-  Team Listing as of 08-02-19

Microsoft Excel file COPL/OCL Spring 2019 Final Team Listing-  We are still adding teams, but consider these divisions to be final.

Microsoft Excel file COPL/OCL Spring 2019 Updated Team Listing as of 1-25-19-  A Couple of Division Changes and a New Team.

Adobe PDF file Futsal Fest Event *-  Flyer for Futsal Fest Event

Adobe PDF file TeamAdminAndCoachContactLookUpInstructions *-  This document contains a screen shot step-by-step process to locate opposing team and referee contact information for a particular game.

*Note some or all of the preceding documents can be downloaded and displayed and/or printed in Adobe's Acrobat format.  If you do not have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software, download it now.