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3v3 Outdoor Event Has Openings
by Ken McMahon posted 11/18/2020


If interested, please reach out to Greg Yoakam....and let him know the COPL/OCL sent ya!


We are close to having our Columbus 3v3 soccer tournament full (all outdoors), but just looking for a couple specific age groups.  Registration also closes tomorrow at 11:59PM.  

Looking for the following age groups/gender:

  • U8  (2013)
  • U14 (2007


  • U7  (2013) 
  • U9  (2012) 
  • U14 (2007) 
  • High School (U15-U18 2006-2002)

If you can enter a team in this age group or multiple teams please contact me and I can give you a special discount (reply to this email, or email me at  , or call me at 614-354-3227).

We can still most age group, but it would also be great to have another team in girls (U10/2011, U12/2009) and boys (U12/2009, U13/2008).  Below are details and hope you can play!


  • What:  Columbus Holiday 3v3 Soccer Tourney presented by McClellan's Taekwondo Academy
  • Location: Upper Arlington Lutheran Church (3500 Mill Run Dr, Hilliard, OH 43026) –outdoors!
  • Format: 3v3 - final roster not due till day before tourney / outdoors
  • Date/Time:  Friday, 11/27 from 11AM-5PM (All games will be played within about 3 hours)
  • Awards:  We'll have awards for 1st - 6th place + Qualifier for National Championships
  • Promo Code: SAVE10
    • When you click on "Register" in the top left corner you'll see "Enter Promo Code".  That is where you'll enter the above code.
  • Tournament Website: CLICK HERE

Kind regards,

Greg Yoakam

Columbus, OH
(614) 354-3227




Microsoft Excel file # Team Contact List-  This workbook contains the currently-listed online list of contacts by team. There are three tabs each with a different sort criteria.

Microsoft Excel file #Contact List for Teams-  Latest List of Contacts as of 01-30-20 at 3:30PM

Microsoft Excel file #COPL/OCL Spring 2020 Latest Team Registrations-  Team Registrations by Division and Alphabetically as of 01-30-20 at 3:30PM

Microsoft Excel file **** OCL Fall 2020 Tentative Tournament Schedule-  Spreadsheet contains list of teams by division and the high level schedule by field. Suggest searching for the abbreviated division when trying to find games such as B08B.

Microsoft Excel file COPL/OCL Fall 2020 Tournament Non-Weekend Schedule-  This spreadsheet contains two tabs: Team Listing and Schedule of games Thursday (there is one) and Friday.

Microsoft Excel file COPL/OCL Spring 2019 Final Team Listing-  We are still adding teams, but consider these divisions to be final.

Microsoft Excel file COPL/OCL Spring 2019 Updated Team Listing as of 1-25-19-  A Couple of Division Changes and a New Team.

Adobe PDF file Futsal Fest Event *-  Flyer for Futsal Fest Event

Adobe PDF file TeamAdminAndCoachContactLookUpInstructions *-  This document contains a screen shot step-by-step process to locate opposing team and referee contact information for a particular game.

*Note some or all of the preceding documents can be downloaded and displayed and/or printed in Adobe's Acrobat format.  If you do not have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software, download it now.