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OSPL/COPL/OCL Spring 2022 Registration Form + New Committee
  Coaches and Admins, We hope you are enjoying...
Sponsor-A-Referee Program (Maybe from your OWN Team!)
  Coaches and Admins, Now that the season is...
OSPL/COPL/OCL Spring 2022 Registration Form + New Committee
by Ken McMahon posted 11/26/2021

Coaches and Admins,

We hope you are enjoying the Thankgiving Weekend and Black Friday!

The OSPL/COPL/OCL Spring 2022 Team Registration Forms are now available!  To register, click on the form:


ALSO, in order to make several improvements to the program, we are forming a committee of Coaches/Admins to review our processes in a number of areas including game scheduling, game rescheduling, division placement, league communications, coach-referee interactions, the Spring 2022 Tournament and other areas yet to be identified.  If you are interested in providing input, please complete this form:


Thanks in advance!

Ken and Team

Sponsor-A-Referee Program (Maybe from your OWN Team!)
by Ken McMahon posted 11/18/2021

Coaches and Admins,

Now that the season is drawing to a close, we have begun planning for the Spring Season.  We have heard about the referee shortage for several years now.  The numbers don't lie!  In the Columbus District in 2015, we had over 1300 referees.  At the end of 2021 (after adding over 200 since July!), we sit at just under 960.  That represents a decrease of over 25%!  The number of teams and games is increasing!  As these statistics collide, it becomes even more difficult to get all games covered.  

We have an ongoing survey of Central District Referees.  The results continue to come in, but one of the common themes is that new employees at Wendy's or McDonald's get paid during training and have uniforms provided to them.  Therefore, a teenager can start a fast food job with no money in their pockets.  By contrast, a new referee has to fork out over $120 before making their first dollar.  Through a series of discussions, we wondered whether it might make sense for teams to Sponsor-A-Referee (or at least partially sponsor a referee) by paying an additional $50 PER TEAM for Spring registrations.  That $50 would go directly to a fund that would allow new referees to register for the referee class and get a Starter Kit at no cost to them.  If a team would have a player/parent interested, that team could directly sponsor that person.  

Is this a stupid idea?  Well, it wouldn't be our first!  But, we thought we would ask.  If it is, we will move on with life and try to recruit new referees in other ways.  If it is something teams are interested in, then we can get started with our courses being held in January and February.  

Here is the form:  https://freeonlinesurveys.com/s/upYDBij2

Ken and Team



Microsoft Excel file # # OSPL/COPL/OCL Scheduling Status with Contact List-  This document is a spreadsheet with multiple tabs. The first tab lists each team with their current number of games entered into the system. The second tab is the complete list of online contacts for each team. The third tab is the spreadsheet with contacts that was last updated on 07.21.21.

Microsoft Excel file # COPL/OCL Spring 2021 Divisions With Contacts-  COPL/OCL Spring 2021 Final Divisions (except for a limited number of changes over the next 1-2 days). Teams UPDATED and Contacts UPDATED at 1:00PM on 3/9. Updates will continue to be made daily as needed.

Microsoft Excel file # Team Contact List-  This workbook contains the currently-listed online list of contacts by team. There are three tabs each with a different sort criteria.

Microsoft Excel file #Contact List for Teams-  Latest List of Contacts as of 01-30-20 at 3:30PM

Microsoft Excel file #COPL/OCL Spring 2020 Latest Team Registrations-  Team Registrations by Division and Alphabetically as of 01-30-20 at 3:30PM

Microsoft Excel file **** OCL Fall 2020 Tentative Tournament Schedule-  Spreadsheet contains list of teams by division and the high level schedule by field. Suggest searching for the abbreviated division when trying to find games such as B08B.

Microsoft Excel file COPL/OCL Fall 2020 Tournament Non-Weekend Schedule-  This spreadsheet contains two tabs: Team Listing and Schedule of games Thursday (there is one) and Friday.

Microsoft Excel file COPL/OCL Spring 2019 Final Team Listing-  We are still adding teams, but consider these divisions to be final.

Microsoft Excel file COPL/OCL Spring 2019 Updated Team Listing as of 1-25-19-  A Couple of Division Changes and a New Team.

Adobe PDF file Futsal Fest Event *-  Flyer for Futsal Fest Event

Adobe PDF file TeamAdminAndCoachContactLookUpInstructions *-  This document contains a screen shot step-by-step process to locate opposing team and referee contact information for a particular game.

*Note some or all of the preceding documents can be downloaded and displayed and/or printed in Adobe's Acrobat format.  If you do not have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software, download it now.