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In order to ensure that e-mails are responded to in an efficient manner, we have created a number of different e-mail addresses within the OCL program.  The different e-mails along with when each should be used is listed below:

-- used for general questions concerning league registration, league policies, league tournaments, general concerns or issues.

-- used for all requests/confirmations for modifications to the league schedules once the schedule has gone "live" (i.e. the teams can no longer make changes to the game schedule for that season).

-- used exclusively for the receipt of the Certification of Completion of the State of Ohio's "Return to Play" Concussion Law.  NOTE:  General questions about the Concussion Law and compliance of its requirements should be sent to the e-mail address.

cl.documentation@gmail.com  – For ALL player and coach carding purposes including background check confirmation numbers and pictures