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We wanted to clarify some things regarding SportsEngine and GotSport in order to clear up a bit of confusion.

- SportsEngine is hosting the league website, and is being used to broadcast emails to coaches and admins.  Eventually it will also contain links to the GotSport schedules.

- Your team is NOT in SportsEngine, you are NOT assigned to any team in SportsEngine. Profiles were created when we added you to SportsEngine, but this is only so we could put contacts into groups of COACHES/ADMINS, and/or REFEREES for the purpose of sending email broadcasts.


- GotSport is for CARDING and SCHEDULING. You WILL see your team in GotSport.

- There is no need to login to SportsEngine to access the league website.


The Ohio Champions League (OCL), started in 2009, is designed for youth soccer teams above the recreational level between the ages of U-07 and U-19.  In the Fall of 2018, the program expanded up  to include the Central Ohio Premier League (COPL).  The COPL will include the top teams from the top clubs in the Central Ohio area.  Nearly all of these teams are professionally-coached teams.  For the Fall 2021 Season, the Ohio State Premier League (OSPL) was added as the Top Division of the Program.

The OSPL only offers one division, the State Division.  The COPL continues to offer one to three Elite Divisions for upper mid level teams and Premier Divisions for mid level teams.  The Ohio Champions League will continue to offer the Blue Division for the upper level teams, the Red Division for mid-level teams and the White Division for lower level teams.  In the Spring 2021 season, we began offering a full program up through U-19.

The primary mission of the OCL is to provide an enjoyable soccer environment for a wide range of players desiring to play above the basic community-based recreational program.  The OCL provides its teams, coaches, parents and players with tremendous flexibility in terms of game scheduling dates/times, opponents (including younger/older aged-teams as desired by the coaches), number of games, etc.  The league allows for in-season roster flexibility as well.  

The OSPL provides top level local teams and some non-local teams the opportunity to play against the best teams in the area and beyond.  The primary mission of the COPL is to provide a competitive local soccer environment for the upper and mid-level teams from some of the top clubs in Central Ohio that will play games in Central Ohio.  The COPL offers teams with the opportunity to play against upper level and mid-level competition right here in Central Ohio without playing "home games" 60 miles from Columbus.  The COPL will shares many of the qualities of the OCL including flexibility in scheduling, roster flexibility and a willingness to be flexible to work for the benefit for all teams.

Teams from the OCL can schedule games with COPL teams.  COPL teams can play OSPL teams.  Players can move freely between the three programs within the same club.  

In addition, the OCL, COPL and OSPL will offer joint season-ending tournaments at the end of each Fall and Spring season.  All of our programs are proudly sanctioned through USClub Soccer.

Should you have further questions about any of these programs, please feel free to send us an e-mail ( to us.

Thank you,
Ken, Barb, KC and the Program Team

Important Information and Links for Referees

A NUMBER of important announcements for Referees:

  1. If you wish to be considered to referee for the Girls and/or Boys Nike Cup, you must have completed and Availability Form: ...and... you must be registered in GotSport (see video guide in #3).
  2. If you wish to be considered to referee in any of our leagues in which we assign (OSPL/COPL/OCL/ECNL/ECNL-RL/Pre-ECNL/NPL-GLA/NPL-MDL/E64/COYSL, etc. you need to complete an Availability Form via your custom link OR complete this form: ...and...L ...and you must be registed in GotSport: see the video description): (see video guide in #3)
  3. In order to be assigned ANY games we assign, you MUST be registered in GotSport. Please see this video guide (AND follow the instructions in order to be registered in GotSport with us:
  4. If you wish to register for our Mentoring Program, please complete this form:
  5. If you wish to attend our Zoom2Improve Calls every Sunday Night at 8:00PM, please go to this link: Zoom-2-Improve Sessions: or you can dial in: Access Code: 491-044-925 United States: +1 (872) 240-3212 You can get the app here:
  6. Remember, SportsEngine and GotSport are NOT the same thing. SportsEngine is only a mailing list as far as referees are concerned. 
  7. If you know someone who is NOT on this distribution list (this list comes from SportEngine and NOT from EITHER the Freeonline Surveys Blasts OR from GotSport), have them complete this form (Since YOU are getting this email -- through SportsEngine -- YOU are already registered and do NOT need to complete this form!):
  8. If you are wondering IF we have received your Availability Form for the LEAGUE or the Nike Cup, I am attaching those two lists. NOTE: Only the first three letters of each name are included. The list is sorted alphabetically.
  9. If you have NOT yet recertified, we will have yet another contest this weekend AND a chance to attend an in-person "Group Class" (referees will still be taking the course online, BUT will be doing it as a group THIS COMING SATURDAY, February 24th -- stay tuned for details! It will be a fun event AND will include FOOD! In order to be eligible to attend, you MUST be registered to recertify by no later than this THURSDAY at 12:00PM! In order to register to recertify, go to:
  10. Want to know more about becoming a referee, recertifying as a referee or other general information? Go to:
  11. FINALLY, we have many, many new Referee Courses coming up soon. The list of courses can be found here: Course dates include:
    1. Sunday, February 25th, 9:00AM-2:00PM in Powell (Locker Soccer Facility)
    2. Sunday, March 3rd, 9:00AM-2:00PM in Plain City (Elite FC Facility)
    3. Sunday, March 10th, 9:00AM-2:00PM in Dublin (Club Ohio Facility)
    4. Saturday, March 23rd, 9:00AM-1:00PM in Grove City (GCKA Facility)
    5. Sunday, March 24th, 12:00PM-5:00PM in Newark (NASA/Xtabi Facility)
    6. Sunday, April 7th, 2:00PM-7:00PM in Dublin (Darree Fields with Good Weather)
  12. In order to purchase referee gear including uniforms (including starter kits for new refrees), go to our League's Custom Capelli Sport site (DO NOT PAY LIST PRICE, AGAIN!):  
    1. Team store link

    2. Team store password: OHIOCL24

We are beginning to make assignments today! Get registered as soon as you can!

Ken (and Barb and the Assigning Team)

News & Updates

SportsEngine Invite Emails Were Delayed

By K.C. McMahon 12/20/2023, 7:30pm EST

Coaches and Admins,

The invite emails to claim your SportsEngine account got sent out later than we had anticipated. If you haven't received an email by Thursday at 8AM, reach out to K.C. at 614-381-1170.